The GETMAD SYNDICATE ( The GMS ) is a training program and dance crew based out of Kitchener, Ontario. Created in 2015, the agenda of The GMS is to teach and educate youth and young adults about the foundation and fundamentals of urban street styles of dance. Style include but not limited to: 


                  Old School Hip Hop                New School Hip Hop 

                  Popping                                      Locking 

                  House                                         Breaking 

                  Dancehall                                  Afro Beat 

  Just like all dance forms Hip Hop and Street Dance Styles come from a base of fundamentals that have evolved into what the genre is perceived as today. The GMS was created with the intention of reviving those foundational aspects of Hip Hop to allow them to transcend through the generations. In order to do this, reputable instructors specialized in their dance styles are brought in to break down the genre to its foundational components, teaching from there upwards allowing for a proper understanding of the style and its influences. 

 The crew aspect of The GETMAD SYNDICATE allows its members to put what they've learned into action. Through showcases, concept videos, live performances, and competitions they are given the opportunity to demonstrate skill sets in urban dance genres that they've trained to acquire. They are continuously challenged by a diverse range of instructors, intense foundational training, and intricate choreography. The students learn what it means to be in a "crew", working together to achieve a common goal and the responsibilities of a collective mind. 

  Auditions for The GMS are held on an annual basis, and the season runs anywhere for approximately 10 months of year. For more information on The GETMAD SYNDICATE contact me by clicking here.