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 What's going on everybody,

Welcome to myPAGE!

 From dancing to modeling, hosting to acting, this is the place where you can find all of who i am and what i do!

 First and foremost, dance! I've always been in tune with music and movement, and in high school that underlying passion hit the surface. Through dance,  I have been able to showcase my creativity, work with numerous talented individuals, and have  had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing projects. This has also been the case for hosting, acting, and modeling; Bit this art from know as dance was the gateway to all of my other artistic endevours. 


 The GMS, an abbreviation for The GETMAD SYNDICATE, is and urban dance crew and training program that was established in 2015. the goal of The GMS is to share knowledge, understanding, and the passion i share of urban dance to kids, youth, and teens alike through classes, workshops, guest teachers, showcases, performances, and competition. We strive to engrave socail and group skills while building self - confidence and awareness through the arts, and leave them with skills to help them navigate through everyday life. 

 Another aspect about myself  you'll find on my page is my love for fitness. It came in a little later the the others, but is now a part of who I am. So much so I made it a part of my career aspirations. Enrolling into one of the leading Personal Training programs and receiving my Personal Training Certification, Corrective Exercise Certificate, and Performance Enhancement Certificate. 

 Scrolling down you will find tabs that will direct you to different aspects of myself - Dance - Modeling - Acting - The GMS - GETMAD Apparel - GETMADFiT. For more information on each, click the tab and browse as much as you'd like. To get in touch with me, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the home page for contact information and social media handles. 

 Thank you for coming through, and hopefully our artistry crosses paths!


 Let's Connect  

 For bookings and inquires please contact me with  your name, email address, subject, and message in the designated areas. I may also be reached via the social media outlets provided below. . 


 Thank you in advance for interest.

SM: @raffaele_getmad_b

FB: Raffaele Brereton

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